Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Girl Gotta "Work it Out"

So I must admit, I only did 7 days of detox instead of 9 like suggested in the book (Fat Smash Diet)...that's okay..I've done it before and got "GREAT" results each time...I tell you the energy that comes from eating 80 % raw is phenomenal!!!!  I didn't realize eating all that meat & processed foods could have you feeling so bloated, tight, heavy, sluggish, lazy, unfocused.....YOU GET MY DRIFT!

My goals for the month of February (4 weeks) are to:
1--workout twice on Sundays & Wednesdays
2--still no bread, starches, sugars, or unhealthy carbs
3--limit my meat intake
4--increase my elliptical training to an hour
5--increase my fruits and veggies
6--stay better organized with my meal planning & workouts

I can handle that...I got it!!

On the last day of the detox phase, I took pics of me in my bathing suit..(front, back, & side)....I won't post until I reach my goal or until I gain the confidence needed, especially until I have a new, comparable pic to place it against.  Ms. Pamma Joi says "I MUST FACE THE ENEMY",  and post my pics...Sorry Pamma, I haven't made it that far yet, lol,  but grant it....I will post!

I've decided to limit my meat intake as well.  Having meat no more than twice a day.  Initially, I would eat meat with every single meal....even as a snack...Man!!!!  It's funny how growing up you're introduced to soooo many things that stick with you as an adult until you realize how you need to change your way of thinking.  Well that way of thinking is no more....I've grown mentally...I have to get it done, especially for my 10 year old daughter...I don't want her to find out the things I'm finding out when it's too late!

So I'm on the beaten path.....LOOK OUT FEBRUARY, HERE I COME!!!!

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