Thursday, January 27, 2011


Okay!! So I decided to re-do the Detox Phase of the Fat Smash Diet...It mainly consists of fruits and veggies for 9 meat, no bread, few starches. Today is day 5 and it is complete.  I tell you I wouldn't make it without my oatmeal and my bi-colored fresh corn, lol..That's because I'm not that creative and even if I were, I'm not that good at trying new things...I guess I better put that on my list of things I would like to get better at..."Trying New Things"...However, I did try Lowfat French Onion Soup from Panera Bread today...and I must say, it was tasty, very tasty, and I will eat again.

I like this detox phase better now. I have a great support group, my husband, friends, and especially "Team Drop It"..great motivation.  So now I 'm on to Day 6 of the Detox. I feel so energized. It's a shame that the foods I had been eating, had me moving much slower and I think interfering with my thought process.  I truly  believe eating healthier increases your focus as well.

Well, my 1st post, I'm new to this but don't get discouraged....keep following..The Best Is Yet to Come!